am i missing something?


I certainly hope not.

I repeatedly hear and read that MS patients experience worse symptoms in the heat–it’s said that an increase in core temperature spikes our problems. Despite the severity of my CNS damage, I’ve felt increased symptoms… once? maybe twice? in the heat… and it wasn’t truly in the heat. It was in a hard spin class in a warm-ish room, and my left eye blurred very subtly during a few of the sprints.

We’re told, after we’re diagnosed, that we should exercise–or that we should continue exercising, depending on who we are. But because of the usual symptom spike with body temp increase, we’re given a list of new exercise modalities that we should try… walking, Pilates, yoga…

(Granted, I’m a Pilates instructor and practice every day, so far be it for me to belittle Pilates, but that’s not the point, here)

If you are new to exercise and have just been diagnosed with MS, definitely try one of these forms of exercise (but don’t write off more strenuous modes if you feel stronger over time–anything is possible). If you’ve been working at harder intensities (spinning, even running or bootcamp or CrossFit) prior to your diagnosis, I say there’s no harm in trying it out and never giving up.

The fatigue definitely holds me back every now and then… but maybe one day a month at most, and I’m learning to manage it better so that I don’t have to give in to the fatigue so much. And I’m thrilled that I don’t experience spikes of symptoms in the heat.

My advice to anyone athletic who’s recently been diagnosed? Pay more attention to your body, but keep on doing your same activities as long as your body allows. It is possible!

One Response to “am i missing something?”

  1. Great advice and it is similar to what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed last year. I was a marathon runner before my diagnosis and as long as my body allows it, I will continue to be a marathon runner. My doctor approves and goes with the “listen to your body” approach. Works for me!

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