a river in egypt


I’m probably not the only one with rrMS who lives in denial a large amount of the time. Really, my symptoms are largely in remission, and as long as I keep on injecting my Rebif, eating my veggies, getting enough sleep, working out like a maniac, living a stress-free life……. all of the above, I can stay reasonably asymptomatic, right?

I’m also probably not the only one who is desperately trying to hold on to my current disease progression (or relative lack thereof), rejoicing at every single new promising research study that emerges, since “they’re going to find a cure soon”. One can only hope.

The reality is that despite my spending 2-3 hours a day tending to my disease, my decreased muscle mass is spiraling me into decreased strength, starting to compound joint problems that were mild before. Vigilance level has gone from yellow to orange.

I am very lucky to have the rehab background I do, since I’ve been relatively able to target and fix my nagging problems so far. Is it a phase, or a sign of things to come? It’s no wonder that I tell people that taking care of myself is yet another one of my “jobs”.

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