annette funicello


I think most of us in the MS community are aware of her passing yesterday–cause of death publicized as “complications from MS”.

Not all of my friends are in-the-know about my condition, but a few who are messaged me last night about it, to make sure I was OK. It’s said that Annette had a “rare, particularly aggressive” form of MS, but I’m also told I have an aggressive form of MS, for what that’s worth.

I know that for years, she had been unable to talk or walk due to her disease. But who knows what other variables were involved? What types of disease-modifying drugs had she been taking? Had she ever paid attention to exercise or nutrition to mitigate her disease? The media spends so much time speaking of the terrors of MS rather than ways we can control our disease and fight back against it.

Yesterday, I also found this short video in which Montel Williams (looking much younger than his almost-57 years!) discusses some of his methods and philosophy to control his MS, diagnosed 14 years ago:
Montel Williams Talks About His MS
It’s on the Rachael Ray show… put up with her for a few minutes to hear about Montel’s victory over MS. đŸ™‚

So, to answer my initial question–MS is an individual disease, and it is what you make of it. I’m saddened by Ms. Funicello’s death, but it doesn’t weaken my resolve.


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