don’t take yourself too seriously!!!!


Life is far, far too short to take yourself too seriously.

I realized, yesterday, that this is one of the reasons I really like going to A’s Zumba class on Saturday mornings. Typically, I’m more of an athletic type than a dancey type; but when I started going to her class and realizing that my heart rate was sufficiently high, and that there was…. something magic about it that I couldn’t put my finger on, I keep going back.

Yesterday I realized what that “something” is.

As I looked around the room, between songs, even though some of us don’t know each other, we smiled and laughed at each other, sharing the bond of “we aren’t perfect dancers, but it doesn’t matter, because we’re all having fun trying and getting a great workout.” No one in the room was taking themselves too seriously! True that we were all putting in a good effort, but there was no stress about being perfect. (A is also great about fostering that type of environment.) I love it! Just fun movement, for the FUN of it, and meeting like-minded people.

When I teach indoor cycle classes, true that there are also plenty of people who are there for the fun of it, but I also come across several who take it far too seriously: “Hm. I only burned 480 calories instead of my usual 500.” (insert scowl) “I’ll have to eat two fewer grapes.” (OK, they don’t say that last part, but I can tell they’re thinking it. I know they’re thinking it, because that used to be me!!!)

These days, during my daily hour(ish) of cardio, if I’m breathing heavy and my heart rate is up for most of it, all is good. It’s healthier physically and mentally, in my book, to be 5 pounds overweight and enjoy your food, rather than counting every single calorie! (As long as this doesn’t start the slippery slope…)

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