no running away


Most days, I have dreams of escaping, going on vacation.

Now, it’s most likely because I feel like I’m drowning in work and want to go somewhere where I can take a break from that, but… at some deeper level, maybe I want to escape to a place where I have a fully-functional body (since I have noticed some strength issues recently).

And you know what? That place doesn’t exist.

So since that’s my reality–and all of our realities, whatever we’re dealing with–I’m taking the best of what I have, right now. I’m using the strength that I have and building upon it, getting as strong as I possibly can. It’s better than letting it dwindle away because of the “what ifs”.

And with that… I’m off to the gym, using my “day off” (well… from student contact) to lift and spin. I encourage you all to make the most of your current body!


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