The past few days have started a new experiment for me. Based on what I research, my body is my laboratory. Within reason, of course.

I have read anecdotal evidence of others eliminating gluten from their diets and rebuilding myelin. (Some of these people have also eliminated dairy, caffeine, sugar, and… what else is there left? I guess I could still eat my kale.) I was willing to try it, but aside from my periodic MRIs, how would I really be able to tell if I was improving? (As it is, I find it hard to pinpoint my low-grade symptoms on MS vs. medication side-effects. Who or what is going away when or how, after I’ve made which change? Hard to control variables.)

I was finally convinced to do a gluten-free experiment when I’d read more evidence of people being migraine-free after eliminating gluten for a while. (I’ve had horrible migraines for years and take two preventive meds plus a few preventive supplements. In the 2 months after my recent flare-up, I had daily headaches. Willing to try almost anything.)

Here’s what I’m doing now: I’ve been vigilantly 100% gluten-free for two days. Going to keep at it for at least two weeks. At the end of that period, I’m going to have a fairly heavy gluten day to see if it triggers anything. (No worries, I have migraine meds if I’m in pain.) I hope I find something out.

Hopefully all of these efforts will lead me toward greater health… not just for my sake, but also for that of my husband, who I’m sure is also stressed through all of this. Doing this for both of us…


One Response to “experimentation”

  1. Brilliant idea! I’m on a gluten free diet and I’m sure it would help loads of other people too. See if your energy levels go up when you’re gluten free too. All the best, K

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