resting the brain


While I was never one of those types who could get by on 4 hours of sleep a night (well… maybe in high school), I’ve generally been fine on long stretches of 6 hours a night… until recently.

A major symptom of MS is “debilitating fatigue”, whatever that means. What a vague word. Does it refer to needing more sleep? Body feeling physically tired and achy? I haven’t read any clear-cut anecdotal reports. Maybe everyone else is as confused as I am, and just listing it as a symptom–“I should be feeling tired and achy, so perhaps I am, therefore I’ll say I’m tired and achy”.

Of course, many of us start a course of medication at the same time we’re diagnosed, and one of the main side-effects is… you guessed it, “debilitating fatigue” and achiness. (So are the symptoms from the disease itself, or from the meds given to chase the disease?) And some of us are given other meds on top of that to deal with additional issues, with warning labels that say “if you experience unusual achiness, call your doctor immediately.”

Is this “unusual” compared to the debilitating, or compared to my normal, or….

In any case, even without the semantics soup, I’ve just found that my brain needs more resting than it used to. My guess is that the interferon injections are dragging me down (since I get really tired the day after), but no longer can I even get away with fewer than 8 hours of sleep a night. Luckily, muscular fatigue hasn’t really set in yet, and I can hit the weights at the gym like I always have.

I’ve also been meditating these days as well (those who know me: who, YOU? Yes, me.) and that’s been calming my mind significantly. Meditation has been shown to significantly help MS patients. I think it would significantly calm everyone who tried even 10 minutes a few times a week…

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