figuring things out


Once I got my diagnosis–and pretty much everyone with MS agrees–I’ve thought about so many symptoms over the past few years that I attributed to something else… but I realize, now, that it was probably MS.

I had a few hip surgeries to fix an orthopedic issue between 2010-2011. It took a long time to rehab and regain my strength, despite the fact that I am a rehab exercise specialist. My first MS relapse materialized as left leg weakness, likely as a result of my cervical spine lesion around C6… it all fits together.

A few years ago, I started needing reading glasses now and then, even though I’m in my late 30’s. I thought it was due to my strong nearsightedness… interestingly, I hardly ever have close vision issues anymore. But now and then, I do–and not so much of a blur as discontinuity between my eyes. Again… there you have it.

I always thought my increased dizziness was because I’d been having more migraines… and the increased numbness in my left arm started, unfortunately, right after I was rear-ended earlier this year (so, likely a combination of the two factors).

On the flip side of that, I find myself worrying about little things like I hadn’t before–are the split-second dizzy spells a sign that my MS is worsening? What about the occasional blurry vision? I then remind myself that I’ve been having these symptoms for years, and only recently have they had a label. At least for now, things have returned back to normal after the abnormal spells, and so long as I treat my body well, it will do the same for me!

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